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We all have multiple times in our lives where we learn the importance of mindset. I’ll share with you a recent reminder and a small part of the inspiration behind our expansion into mindset and wellbeing. 


At 22, I began a video and podcast production company called House of Hyde Media. House of Hyde Media worked with the likes of Betfair, Salon of the Year hair salons, Guardian Top 50 companies, and more… until March 2020.



And, much like it did for many others, everything stopped. There began the cliched story of one thing after another going “wrong”.  The domino effect felt like it was never slowing down. I was forced inwardly to focus on mindset, and spent every spare minute reading, watching and learning about the mind & psychology. 




During this time, a “pause” (which felt more like a sharp brake) in business allowed me to reflect on how I could offer more help to people than I had been offering before. And although I had always spent time learning about mindset, there began my obsession and fascination with learning about psychology, the brain, how the mind works and different areas of wellbeing. As the story goes, I began to pivot the media production company and relaunched House of Hyde Media as a media training company, coaching others on how to use video and podcasting within their business. 



Okay, so what does that have to do with mindset? Well, given how immersed I found myself learning about mindset and psychology, I decided that on the first day of any of my training programmes, I would purely focus on mindset. No production. Just mindset. Little did I know this would turn out to be the most popular day/aspect of the sessions. And that’s how this part of the journey began. I received multiple requests for week-long programmes sharing what I had learnt about brain, psychology and mindset. So there it began, and has grown from there…


House of Hyde Group Jenna Hyde

However, I must state that I do not consider myself or promote myself as a speaker/motivational speaker, nor am I someone who directs people how to think or shares their motivational story – although the stories and tips I hear are amazing (and what I spend a lot of my spare time consuming!) Our sessions are not designed to share a feeling of motivation, only then to leave you to it. I am someone who dedicates myself to lifelong learning, in particular in the study of psychology, behaviour and brain function. I am currently enrolling in my MSc in Psychology for 2022/23 with a vision to continue on to a PHD – in order to share what I learn or discover, or that which I have experienced, so you have power to decide what you would like to intertwine into your everyday life to support mental and overall wellbeing. House of Hyde is about supporting the people, teams and businesses we work with, not about us.


Although this is a snippet of the story of how House of Hyde was developed, it indicates why I am dedicated to making House of Hyde about the attendees of the programmes and sessions and their stories and future. This time, for me like for many of us, has not been the only point in my life that has shone a light on how important mindset is. As you are reading this, I am sure many instances spring to mind that have been pivotal in your life and your mindset, and defining to your values and vision for your future. House of Hyde is about supporting the people, teams and businesses we work with, and I look forward to seeing how we can work together!



MSc Psychology (Masters of Science)
Psychology of Mental Health
* Social psychology, Clinical psychology, Developmental psychology, Psychology of learning, Personality and individual differences, Psychology of social interaction & More.

Representative for Clinical Psychology.

Armed Forces Mental Health First Aid
* Developed to meet the needs of the whole Armed Forces community, including: serving personnel, veterans, their families, and people who work with, or support them.
* Military Culture, Crisis first aid for suicidal behaviour, acute psychosis, panic attacks, acute stress reaction, Treatment and resources for depression, Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and risk factors for psychosis. Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders, The impact of trauma, Post-traumatic Stress. 

Advanced Psychotherapy
Level 4
* Humanist / person-centred approach, Behavioural and cognitive approach, Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) & More.

Understanding Domestic Abuse
* Understand domestic abuse (including domestic violence), Understand the signs and risk factors associated with domestic abuse, Understand the impact of domestic abuse, Understand response, policy, and intervention in relation to domestic abuse.

Self-harm and Suicide Awareness and Prevention
*Understanding and awareness of suicide and self-harm.

BA Hons: The University of Nottingham 
International Media & Communications with Mandarin & Spanish

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