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We all have moments in our lives where we realise how important mindset is. I am sure that as you are reading this, a few immediately spring to mind for you. Mindset is the only thing guaranteed to be with us 24/7, 365 days a year and underpins everything we do, so there is no better time investment than mindset development.



These programmes and sessions are designed to understand you and support you. Our sessions are not designed to share a feeling of motivation after which we would then simply leave you to it. You have power to decide what you would like to intertwine to elevate mental and overall wellbeing. Our work is about you


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House of Hyde Group provides the option to combine mindset development with wellbeing practices, in a full programme, a one-off, or ongoing sessions for your business, organisation or youth group (and a specialised offering for the education sector). 

Options for businesses and organisations:

· Ongoing sessions and support in mindset and wellbeing

· Week-long programmes

· One-day sessions

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House of Hyde Group
House of Hyde Group


The topics we cover in our programmes and sessions are bespoke to each team or individual we are
working with. Below are some examples of what our programmes and sessions can cover.

Body language • Confidence development • Daily mindset habits and understanding how they work with our brain function  • Goal and action setting • Growth mindset vs fixed mindset • Identifying and starting to dissolve self-limiting beliefs • Raising our expectation of “realistic” • Reframing failure  Managing perfectionism and comparison • Strengths finding with a difference • And so much more

Find out more about the qualifications and topics covered in Creator’s Story.


We use our programmes and sessions to develop an understanding of how the mind works and understanding behaviour. We can then start developing our minds with a full appreciation of how we can elevate our mindsets. We can begin to explore our thought patterns and subconscious beliefs. When working on new or daily mindset habits, it is vital that we have an understanding of the theories and science behind mindset development.