“We should start doing this in our meetings…”

This was some of the greatest feedback we could have received, or more accurately…overheard! Last week was one of House of Hyde’s first sessions with The Belfry Hotel & Resort. An award winning hotel and multi-time Ryder Cup host. The topic was Stress Management.

It is my aim for House of Hyde that are our sessions full of actionable steps combined with the psychology of how these techniques work.

Once the session was finished I overheard a group of the brilliant Belfry team members chatting about how they planned to include some of the techniques and methods we discussed into their morning meetings. Although mindset is all about how we think, there are real actionable things we can do to make those thought patterns stronger.

To hear the excitement around what we had been delivering was great, but to hear how that was being taken forward was by far the greatest feedback we could have wished for. We do not design sessions to be one-off motivational sessions (although these can be great too!) what we do want is our sessions to deliver techniques that can be intertwined into the everyday.